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Trends We Love: Crochet and Statement Necklaces!

Try one of the hottest fashion trends this summer with the help of FashionTIY!

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There's just something so magical about summertime.  It's like for most of the year people are hidden away in this self-imposed gloomy, damp cave.  Then---BOOM---it's summertime and everyone is ready to bust out of the cave and embrace all the goodness summer has to offer with unabashed fervor!  The excitement is contagious.  Everyone is so bold and adventurous and ready to make the most of their summer.  Here at FashionTIY, we love how this boldness translates into fashion.  One of our favorite summer trends for Summer '16 is the Bohemian trend; especially the mixing of crocheted clothing and bold, statement jewelry.      

Kendall Jenner at Coachella '16 - Courtesy of CG images

We love this look because of its simplicity and boldness.  Not to mention, it's actually cool enough to wear during the summer.  We feel like fashion blogs often forget about practicality and, ya know, basic human comfort.  Also the look is super affordable and easy to find.  Crocheted bralets and tops are all over the internet and in many stores.  Also if you're a crafty cutie, tutorials are available to show you how to crochet your own dress!  We love this tutorial from Annoo's Crochet World 

Photo Courtesy of Annoo's Crochet World on Blogspot
As far as the jewelry goes, you can't go wrong with metallics.  However bold, embroidered necklaces are also very on trend this summer.  The great thing about the crochet and statement jewelry pairing is that the simplicity of the crocheted tops and dresses allows you to go wild with accessories.  However, going a little nuts with your style choices doesn't have to mean going nuts with your spending budget.  Below our some of our favorite bold and budget-friendly statement necklaces.
Fashion Bohemian Gypsy Statement Necklace $7.92 | FashionTIY app

Fashion Embroidered Collar Necklace $6.09 | FashionTIY app

These necklaces are sure to make your trendy, summer outfit a total hit.  Stay cool this summer while still looking hot, hot, hot!  Go on Boho Babe, make the most of this wild, crazy summer!