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FashionTIY: A Portable Fitting Room in the Palm of your Hand

Find out more about the app revolutionizing the way women shop for accessories!

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All photos courtesy of FashionTIY

Mobile, accessory shopping is getting a much needed makeover with a new, innovative app. FashionTIY, a recently launched mobile platform, is seeking to create a more seamless shopping experience for its users. Offering hundreds of trendy accessories, FashionTIY allows shoppers to “try” accessories on themselves by using a virtual, in-app, try-on feature. From scarfs to bracelets, the mobile shop includes a variety of brand new, affordable accessories that can be “tried” on by simply taking a picture and adjusting the accessory on the neck or wrist. Users have the option to shop by category and promotion; users also have the option to purchase and track orders in-app with a few, simple clicks.

“My wife was sick and tired of being disappointed by the jewelry she ordered online,” said FashionTIY founder Tony Liu in a statement.  “She would fall in love with a perfectly fabricated photo of a perfectly airbrushed model wearing a perfectly Photoshopped necklace.  Then, said necklace would arrive and she would get upset and say the necklace didn’t look as good on her as it did on the model.  It made me angry.  I wanted to make shopping fun for her again.”

FashionTIY’s main goal appears to be to make mobile shopping more personalized than ever before.  The idea for the app derived from the desire to make the shopper the center of the shopping experience.  This mission can be seen in all aspects of the app including the app’s relatable, fashionable blog.  The app seeks to eliminate the painful process of scrolling through hundreds of models wearing accessories in favor of the user acting as their own model. In addition to your personal “model” shots, the app includes various images of the accessories to ensure users have a clear image of what they are buying.   FashionTIY also seeks to simplify the buying process by allowing users to pay with either Paypal or a credit card and to track their order/shipment in-app.  If users are not ready to commit to a purchase right away, the items they love can be saved for later in a shopping cart with an easy tap. FashionTIY also offers free shipping on all orders.

The app appears to be well-received by a diverse pool of women and, even, some men.  Catherine Boris is one such user.
“College life is hectic.  I don’t always have time to study for all of my classes, volunteer, work, and shop for date parties or formal,” explained Boris.  “This app has made it easier for me to do that.  And on a college student’s budget.”  

Many users like nurse and mom, Mackie Rayner, praise the app for its acceptance and celebration of all women.  “My daughter and I love this app,” stated Rayner in an interview.  “She calls it ‘magic mirror.’ Every time I swipe and try a new accessory, her little face glows and she says ‘mama pretty.’ I think it’s important that she is exposed to more realistic standards of beauty.” 

Despite its predominantly female user base, even men seem to be benefitting from the app’s ingenious “try-on” feature.   “As a guy, I don’t always have the easiest time shopping for my mom or girlfriend,” said Tate Sumrall a certified personal trainer who was introduced to the app by his girlfriend.  This app has actually made it easier because I can take a picture of my mom on my phone and get a good idea of what scarf or necklace will look good on her.  It’s pretty cool.”

Despite the fact that the founder of the app is a man, this app appears to listen to women and listen well.  It not only celebrates women as they are, but also encourages women to put themselves at the helm of their shopping experience.  Women are able to choose what looks best on them by trying the accessories on themselves whenever and wherever they choose.  FashionTIY gives women the freedom and mobility to download and carry a store and fitting room in their pockets. 


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