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Give summer heat the cold shoulder

Find out how to rock and style one of the summer's most flattering styles with the help of FashionTIY!

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In recent years, women have started to realize that "one size fits all" is pretty much the biggest lie since "I'm on my way!" Few trends and clothing styles can be deemed universally flattering.  With a multitude of body shapes and sizes, finding a style most, or all, women feel they can rock is a Herculean feat.  Cue the off-the-shoulder trend!  This trend has become hotter than a Mississippi summer!  Sarah Halzack states it best in her article for the Washington Post, "any place that is teeming with style-conscious women these days is also teeming with off-the-shoulder."  With the popularity and wearability of this style, we don't blame it if you want to give it shot.  In fact, we'll help you be heads...and shoulders...above the rest!

Off-the-shoulder Top

Photo and model courtesy of The Darling Detail

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Why it works:  a simple, off-the-shoulder, chambray top can become bold with the right statement necklace.  This fun, playful top is enhanced with an equally fun, playful necklace.  The tassels and bold colors on the necklace go perfectly with the boho vibe of the top.  Her shoulders are and collarbone are played up beautifully by the necklace and top combo.  

Where to wear:  this outfit is perfect for a lunch date with your girls, exploring a new city, running errands around town, and much more.  It's a versatile and breezy outfit that will keep you looking hot while staying cool.

Off-the-shoulder Romper
Necklace on the FashionTIY app

Image featured on the The Curvy Fashionista; Romper: Plus Size Off Shoulder Printed Romper
Why it works:  this patterned romper screams "rule breaker."  Wear your stripes with pride and play them up with a bold, statement necklace.  The muted, cool metals of the necklace give off a chill vibe that complements the patterned romper perfectly.

Where to wear:  this pairing just screams music fest, it's also practical enough to wear to a summer pool or backyard party, so fun and laid back for a get together at a friend's house, and a good bet when you don't know what the day might bring.

Off-the-shoulder Dress

Necklace on the FashionTIY app
Model and photo courtesy of The Fashion Pantry

Why it works:  a sleek, feminine dress is enhanced by an equally sleek, feminine necklace.  The monochromatic color scheme keeps the outfit cohesive and modern.  The necklace's strong lines are softened by the dress's sweet, ruffled sleeves.  This bold, sexy dress goes perfectly with this bold, sexy necklace.

Where to wear:  this outfit is perfect for a hot date, also the perfect outfit to wear if you think you might run into your ex, it's also sure to turn heads at a cocktail party, wear it at home when you need a boost of confidence. WARNING: you will SLAY in this outfit, please slay with caution.

To see what necklaces would look best with your favorite off-the-shoulder dress, check out the FashionTIY app that lets you take a selfie or a picture of your dress and watch as hundreds of accessories appear on your image.  Styling your outfits has never been easier!  Download the FashionTIY app here!


  1. Very cute style ideas! I love the clutch. I just posted some date night inspiration on my blog too! I'd love you to check it out.


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