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Spotlight on Beauty: Women who break the mold

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We've been force-fed to believe in the notion of "conventional beauty." This abstract term only serves to make women feel like they have to reach an obscure, unattainable standard; it causes a sense of inferiority and defeat.  However, beauty is defined as "a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses." If beauty is found in the things that appeal to us, please us, and make us smile, then beauty comes in all forms and varies from person to person.  So why do we allow the media, advertising, and many organizations to dictate what is deemed beautiful?  No one will ever fit everyone's definition of beautiful. But you have a unique combination of qualities that make you distinctly different and uniquely beautiful. Here at FashionTIY, we want to celebrate those unique qualities!  That's why our app encourages women to be their own models while shopping for accessories that enhance their unique style! This week FashionTIY is featuring three FashionTIYers. Read below to find out more about what makes these women confident and uniquely beautiful!

"Being beautiful is easy, mostly because it’s something that you’re already doing. Yes, I’m a firm believer that everyone is beautiful in their own way. The thing to understand about beauty is that it’s what you make of it. Everyone has their own opinions about beauty, but listen to me when I tell you that the most important opinion is your own. Transforming your mindset into believing that you are beautiful is hard. That is why things like makeup and fashion exist. Not to cover up imperfections as so many believe, but to help you enhance the beauty that is already there so that you can start seeing it for yourself. Dedicating time to pull yourself together over time can work wonders on your self-esteem. Not good at it? No one really is at first. There’s millions of tutorials online, but my beauty blueprint is simple: Brows, lashes, lips, accessories, and a positive attitude."-Felisha Rodriguez

"True beauty has come from a process. From mommyhood to hardships, to failed relationships and my faith. I have rose from the ashes and I am more excited about life than ever before. Learning to trust God & love myself has completely changed my life & those around me. Feeling beautiful because I honestly feel amazing, has given me confidence and wings. My health has improved, my faith is strong, my relationships are evolving, mommyhood is so much fun! Taking care of me, makes me feel beautiful."-Martha Sandoval

"All of my life, I noticed that I was significantly larger than others. That includes men and women. I don't mean just in height, but weight as well. It was something that I struggled with all my life, and continue to struggle with to this day. I was never bullied about it, but the standards of beauty set by society told me that I wasn't beautiful. It caused self-hatred. It honestly made me feel like I wasn't good enough and that I never would be. However, when I got to college I wanted to change myself for the better: exercise, eat better, drink more water, get a new sense of style, etc. Basically, I was going to do what I needed to do to become the person that I felt I was meant to be. I wanted to be a person I could look up to:a person that overcame many obstacles in life. But, I failed. Many times. It wasn't until recently that I began to understand why: I didn't accept myself as I am. I didn't accept my current self. How was I ever going to have self-love without coming to terms with the fact that I am who I am? So, one day I sat down and wrote the things that I love about my body. Those things are: my beautiful skin, my tall height, my brown eyes, and my coily hair. Then I wrote down the things that I didn't like, which included: my weight. Just my weight. "Is that all I don't like about my body?", I asked myself. Yes, was really the answer. I knew then that my journey to a better version of myself had begun. I'm not perfect, and I know I never will be. But, knowing that I am beautiful just the way I am surely makes this this journey so much easier!"-Treya Brown

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