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Choker-Lovers and Buyers’ Guide

Which jewelry is leading the latest fashion trends? There is no doubt that the answer is choker. Almost all the fashionables including super models, fashion icons and stars wear choker. However, do you really know which style suits you best and how to match your clothes better? As is well-known, unsuitable style will make the ornament worse. You might as well spend several minutes on the guidance.
It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing your own accessories. There are plenty of out there, but few really suit you. Which styles should you choose?
What May Suit One Person Might Not Suit Another Person
In general, ovate-orbicular-face lady will not be limited by any style. If you are lucky enough, just feel easy to choose any choker you like.
As for round-face lady, chokers elongating face shape may be better, namely long or T-shaped choker. Keep away from wide or short choker. Besides, exaggerated gemstone or pearl jewelry necklace should not be your style.
Oval-face lady suits wide choker better because wide choker makes vertical length of the oval face look shorter. The style is also available for heart-shaped-face lady.
Compared with heart-shaped-face lady, softer-line choker can weaken face edge and suits triangular-face lady better. Keep away from sharp choker.
Accessories Really Make Your Outfit
Choker + Low-cut Dress
Find your low-cut dress from your closet and prepare a choker that is not too exaggerated, which is really a leisure and beautiful style.
If you have one or several V-neck print dresses, wide black silk choker is absolutely necessary for you. It makes you look leisure and fashion in summer.
As for the fashion chiffon flower dress, a fine choker will move the visual center upper, and will not steal spotlight of the dress.
Choker + T-shirt
Almost everyone has one or more T-shirts, so choker turns out necessary once again.
Ordinary round-neck T-shirt is closer to face, so finer choker is better choice, which can effectively avoid highlighting the weakness from round face and wide neck.
Select a finer choker and a metal necklace when wearing a round-neck T-shirt with lower-cut, which not only effectively avoids highlighting the weakness from round face, but also makes you stylish.
Compared with round neck, V-neck T-shirt is designed with lower-cut and reserves more space for your neck. You might as well try the choker with pendant, which looks cool and never wrong.
Find your white T-shirt, black suit and black leather pants and then select a simple black wide choker, which will make you look fashion and capable.
Choker + Tee Dress
Tee dress is absolutely necessary in summer. Will you be shy when your shoulder is completely exposed? If yes, choker will be the best partner of tee dress because it can greatly balance the lowered gravity center. Different styles can be tried based on your dress.
In case of tee dress with black and white geometric pattern, two black chokers will help to raise the gravity center, which makes you look pretty and sexy.
In case of colorful tee dress, a wide red silk choker will create enthusiastic and lively summer feeling.
Choker + Sun-top
There is no doubt that sun-top has the lowest-cut among all the tops and is always synonymous with sexy. Therefore, more matching styles are available.
As for basic sun-top, a finer choker and several necklaces of various lengths will create a sense of hierarchy.
Rivet-choker or leather-choker can greatly reveal your individuality and is always synonymous with cool. Especially when you wear a sun-top and a motorcycle jacket or denim jacket, you cannot be cooler.
Choker + Shirt
In case of silk shirt, a choker of medium width will make you cool and sexy.
In case of loose linen shirt, a fine choker will bring you more sense of reality.
Are There Any Other Styles Besides the Aforementioned Basic Black Chokers?
Facing bandage-style dress of wild temperament, white lace choker will make you sexy and charming.
Wearing a white ferret choker and several necklaces of various lengths together will improve the overall modeling sense. Basic clothes will be worth pondering because of such matching.
In case of sportswear, a fine metal choker may bring you fresh feeling.
In fact, as for basic white T-shirt, an exaggerated choker may create fashion and stylish 'chemical effect'.
Choker is not only cool but also pretty, and can be made into various styles. It is really the accessory which makes your outfit and still leading the latest fashion trends this year.
Something Fresh-Many Fashion Icons Begin to Wear Choker on Their Ankles
Choker has been popular here and there. What's unexpected is that many fashion icons begin to wear choker on their ankles. If you have ankle-length drainpipe jeans, it would almost be perfect.
There are also some other fashion icons tying scarves on their ankles as the ankle choker. In other words, you can improve yourself a lot as long as you are willing to pay more attention. It's just a stone's throw to fashion.
Which Styles Can You Choose?
Have you read carefully? I believe that you will absolutely be the center of attention as long as selecting properly.

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