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FashionTIY: 8 Things Users Need to Know

The FashionTIY app is one of the most popular free apps for iPhone and Android now as shoppers turn to this bargain shopping app to look for fashion jewelry and accessories.
At present, 15 categories are added in the app, and about 1,000 products are updated monthly. Most importantly, all the products are sold at factory price without minimum order quantity.
While the FashionTIY is proving popular in 30,000+ retailers’ shopping through 2017, there are some things that users need to know about this app before placing an order.
Here is what savvy shoppers need to know about the FashionTIY app on iPhone and Android.
What is FashionTIY?
As an E-commerce platform focusing on supplying professional fashion jewelry and accessories, FashionTIY cuts off all intermediate links from manufacturers to terminal sales, and devotes to providing small and medium-sized accessories dealers and fashionables with rich, complete, high-quality and low-cost one-stop services relying on new & hot styles, factory price and fast shipping.
The FashionTIY app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
A FashionTIY account is needed just like other shopping apps. You cannot place orders on your favorite products fast or enjoy discounts until you register an account.
"TRY" Function
“TRY” refers to the unique purchase experiential function which you can enjoy in FashionTIY only. The function allows you to view real adorn effect of the accessory whenever and wherever possible by taking a photo of yourself.
The aforesaid 15 categories include 5,000+ styles of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, jewelry sets, hair jewelry, scarves, anklets, brooches, key chains, sunglasses, hats & caps, watches, ties and belts manufactured in more than 1,200 factories from China, India, Thailand, Philippines and other countries that are the long-term, steady and trustworthy suppliers upon contracting.
In addition, FashionTIY has a quality control team consisting of more than 100 experts with experience over 10 years. Each product to be shipped is under strict quality inspection and shall be shipped uniformly upon unified packaging.
Orders and Payments
20% off for first order and free shipping on orders over $20 are available for all users.
Shipping and Tracking
The products shall be well prepared after your payment, and shipped to logistics company within 24-48 hours.
If you want to check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting Order History on the APP.
Buyer Protection
FashionTIY provides a 30 days’ free after-sales service period.
In case of any product quality problem, FashionTIY provides free return or replacement or refunds the payment in part.
New Sales Mode
Recently, dropshipping service has been formally available on FashionTIY. This sales mode successfully helps globe small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers realize zero-stock operation.
Under dropshipping service, the merchants can use the same quality product pictures with FashionTIY and take the same rich styles for sale directly. When receiving orders, the merchants can directly send address of customers to FashionTIY. The follow-up operation shall be completed by FashionTIY.

Make sure you check this before purchasing, especially for a large order quantity.