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How to Be A Zero-Stock Fashion Jewelry E-Commerce Seller?

More and more people discovered the business opportunities upon rise of e-commerce, and started their e-commerce business. Beginners were always passionate about the career, but often faced various kinds of problems, especially the stock. For most e-commerce seller, they will start their sales and promotion absolutely upon completion of well selecting products, designating manufacturer and preparing a certain amount of stock. The great advantage is that, in case of any order, the goods can be shipped instantly, which ensures the user receives the products in time. In contrast, the funds for the stock will be always taken up and product overstock may arise due to being not good for sale.
Traditional e-commerce operation idea has become unable to adapt to the environment with development of globe cross-border e-commerce. Time cost and shipping cost shall be undoubtedly the two major resistances to break through as for cross-border procurement. As the sales mode developed to lower shipping cost and remove stock pressure, dropshipping brings great convenience for numerous small and medium-sized sellers.

Recently, dropshipping service has been formally available on FashionTIY which is a professional sales portal in fashion jewelry and accessories. This sales mode successfully helps globe small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers in realizing zero-stock cost operation.
FashionTIY connects almost 1,000 factories and cuts off all the intermediate links from factories to terminal wholesalers and retailers, which effectively removes circulation cost within the product price and further helps the terminal dealers in increasing their profits. During serving customers, FashionTIY team learns that the products won’t be for sale in their store until they actually receive them, which takes up stock funds to some extent. What’s more, the time for sale shall be directly affected by shipping period.
Upon lots of market researches, FashionTIY started to provide dropshipping service aiming at small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers. Under dropshipping service, the merchant can use the same quality product pictures with FashionTIY and take the same rich styles for sale directly. When receiving orders, the merchant can directly send address of customers to FashionTIY. The follow-up operation shall be completed by FashionTIY.
This is only natural that some merchants may worry about the quality, based on which FashionTIY provides a 30-day free sales-service period. That is to say, in case of any quality issue such as product damage or defect due to the shipping, FashionTIY will re-ship the goods the first moment upon corresponding evidence in order to ensure profits of both parties.

The dropping service is popular in most users once launched. Meanwhile, FashionTIY’s quality product and service as always shall be the most powerful evidence for repurchase rate up to 65%.

About FashionTIY, Inc
FashionTIY, Inc is an American e-commerce company that deals in fashion accessories and jewelry items. They also offer their services to business houses and jewelry retailers through jewelry wholesale operations. For further details, feel free to contact the company or visit their website given below.

Business Manager: Michelle Lee
Company: FashionTIY, Inc.
Add: 2035 Sunset Lake Rd, Ste B2, Newark, Delware, US
Tel: 1(302)595-7



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