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FashionTIY Will Lead Jewelry E-Commerce to A Zero-Stock Era

--Look Forward To Working With You To Develop Our Cause

FashionTIY has initiated new zero-stock low-cost e-commerce operation mode in the jewelry & accessories industry.
In case of a traditional e-commerce merchant, you should undertake everything including selecting products, taking photos, releasing, receiving customers, accepting orders, packaging and shipping goods. If any problem during the process, you will have to suffer from the loss.
Based in State of Delaware, the United States, FashionTIY has initiated the first F2B service platform of the jewelry & accessoriesindustry and provided dropshipping service as for near 10,000 styles of products in 15 categories. Having signed contracts with hundreds of jewelry factories in China, India and other countries, FashionTIY elaborately updates 100+ styles of fashion accessories weekly. All the products are supplied at factory price without MOQ and mix order is always available.
Just concentrate on store promotion and customer service in case of cooperating with FashionTIY, and FashionTIY shall complete all the other basic work for you including selecting styles, taking photos, packaging and shipping goods.
-Be successful zero-stock e-commerce seller by becoming professional platform agent first;
-Focus on serving your customers with almost 10,000 styles of fashion accessories in stock;
-Make a profit margin by purchasing at factory price and selling at market price;
-Ensure your goodwill by shipping fast and packaging safely;
-Avoid customer loss without promotion ads attached;
-Download images and product details easily for free.
In terms of dropshipping service, it's understandable that you may worry about the price and quality of products and losing customers therefrom, to which FashionTIY makes promise, since FashionTIY cares most whether you're satisfied with our services or not and looks forward to establishing long-term cooperation relationship with you.
Download official APP of FashionTIY now to browse the products and then start the profit model.
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Business Manager: Michelle Lee


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