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How to Choose More Efficient Jewelry Purchase Channel in the Mobile Era?

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Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly, however, in the United States, most jewelry dealers haven’t been aware how significant effects such event will have on their own business in a long time, which is as though lucrative profits were placed behind a seemingly wall-like piece of paper where few people would actively try to pierce it.
No one should be to blame since it is normal that most people have been accustomed to the situation where to buy products, what products to sell and how much to gain. Meanwhile, there are some people starting to try another way, they have found richer styles and gained more profits on eBay and AliExpress. Is that all? FashionTIY, Inc based in the State of Delaware has a different idea.
Taking this situation into overall consideration, FashionTIY has summarized two key points as follows. First, when the store keepers purchase from the giant platforms, though saving more cost than using traditional channels and having more styles to choose from, product price is not as low as thought in fact. Just imagine, the essence of business will never be changed and the giants are by no means philanthropists. Now that the profits are gained from the merchants on the platforms, then the final payers for such profits must be the purchasers, that is to say, without a sheep, there can be no wool. Second, the products on the platforms are always from different factories or merchants, and demands of the purchasers cannot be met by single store on single platform, therefore, the purchasers have to select products from several stores which maybe on different platforms as for the purchase. Unavoidably, there are some differences in efficiency of stores and quality of products among different platforms, then delivery period and quality inspection of the products shall be hard to ensure as for the purchasers.
Committed to creating a professional platform for jewelry and accessories, FashionTIY, Inc launched one-stop and one-order purchase mode. Having signed contracts and established supply systems directly with hundreds of jewelry factories from China and India, they took such factories as production base of their platform. Through their mobile transaction platform FashionTIY, the purchasers can browse, select and purchase nearly 10,000 fashion products within 15 categories at any time without any unnecessary operations, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, scarves, sunglasses, belts, ties, watches, key chains, brooches, anklets and other accessories. Being cooperation partners with all the factories, FashionTIY sells all their products absolutely at factory price. What’s more convenient is that the purchasers need just to communicate with FashionTIY directly no matter what categories of products they plan to order. The purchase mode of one-order purchase, one-parcel delivery and unified one-to-one after-sales service is available to all the products.

As for small and medium-sized jewelry dealers, FashionTIY has solved the issues “high price and logistics distribution due to unified order” from traditional e-commerce platforms. High efficiency will undoubtedly bring more profits. In case of more information, just install their app or click their website:

About FashionTIY, Inc

FashionTIY, Inc is a supplier of a wide variety of fashion jewelry and accessories. These are professionally manufactured and undergo strict quality checks before being sent out to the customers. As the company has direct links with the manufacturers, they are able to offer these products at factory prices. For more details about their products, customers can visit their website.


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