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Why FashionTIY Instead of Amazon on the Black Friday?

Alexa Palacios, from State of Connecticut, US, has been running a store for jewelry and accessories, and cooperative partner of FashionTIY since the beginning of this year.
Black Friday has been a shopping carnival for many years, but this year, I decided not to purchase from Amazon though their price is relatively affordable. Obviously, I’ve found a better supplier named FashionTIY.
We have no choice but to admit that over 50% American families have registered as AMAZON PRIME MEMBER, which helps them live an easier and more convenient life. Enterprise purchase zone established by Amazon did bring me great profits. However, the first time when I purchased from FashionTIY, I have found more cost and time could be saved. I regret to say that mobile app of Amazon is not very good.
Maybe someone thinks it over-hyped, but the truth is that I will no longer purchase from Amazon. I must be responsible towards my own business and hope to get more profits reasonably. After all, business is business.
Of course, Amazon and their third-party sellers can supply over 350,000,000 kinds of products, but it’s none of my business as for the majority. What I need is just to find jewelry and accessories of higher quality at better price.
When I accidently saw FashionTIY on Google and installed the App, I knew that I have found what I want.
I was completely satisfied with all the orders placed. Though many categories were involved including necklaces, earrings, rings, sunglasses, ties, belts, scarves and key chains, I received all the products within one parcel, which was easy to check order quantity. I need no longer wait for different packages to arrive with different products one by one as before. All the products were delivered from China, but the shipping was fast. What’s more, the high quality is always the most important.
Why is the price of products on FashionTIY much lower than that of Amazon? One of my friends who were seller of Amazon told me that 15% commissions would be charged for each order, which was its profit model. Instead, FashionTIY sells all its products at factory price without any intermediate mark-up. Obviously, their price is optimal for all the wholesalers and retailers.

I’ve purchased 100+ styles of new products this Black Friday, which provided more choices for my customers.