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Why I Quitted Purchasing from Amazon and Alibaba This Year?

HIEDI, from State of Texas, US, owner of a medium-sized jewelry and accessories store which is well-known locally due to good product quality and affordable price, has been long-term loyal user of FashionTIY.
The upcoming shopping season will offer huge consumption opportunities. However, as early as 6 weeks ago, my store has been ready to supply goods for customers. Although online shopping has been growing rapidly, I’ve never worried that the online shopping boom will have any threats to my store since the offline shopping experience will never been replaced, and my customers will be always here with me.
From my perspective, providing better product price and service by cooperating with a better supplier will be the most valuable.
Online shopping is not strange at all since I have been purchasing online in the past two years. I often patronized Alibaba, Amazon and eBay, and almost all the products in my store were purchased from these platforms. But now I have found better purchase channel.
Online shopping did bring me convenience because I knew what kind of products my customers needed. The price is, of course, always the most important factor. Purchase online is actually cost-saving, which allows my customers to benefit as well as increase my profits.
I’ve always thought it economical to purchase from those large platforms before cooperating with FashionTIY. Upon search of their information on Google and installation of their App, I was surprised that the FashionTIY seemed to specially create for me since I operate jewelry and accessories only. Their products can absolutely meet my demands including necklaces, earrings, rings, scarves, sunglasses, key chains and other accessories, which excited me a lot.
The main reason why I gave up those large platforms is price. After comparison among many products, almost 30% cost was saved in case of purchasing from FashionTIY, which greatly impressed me. That is to say, an extra 30% profits can be earned. Though I made big discounts to my customers, there are still enough profits left.
On the other hand, it’s easier and more convenient to purchase from FashionTIY. The platform is specialized in jewelry and accessories and I need not worry about being disturbed by other unrelated products. I could always place order for all the products I needed at home, by which I fully felt the convenience of mobile purchase.
Their rich styles keep me from having to search for products in different stores, even in different platforms, so that the products might be delivered in several packages lasting for a long period. In case of purchasing from FashionTIY, all the products will be delivered within one parcel, what I should do is just to check the quantity according to order details.

I was surprised how they could do this, but even happier that my customers were more satisfied with my store. Therefore, I will never worry about any threats from the online shopping boom.