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We joined the official members of Toptenwholesale

We joined the official members of, hoping to establish cooperation with more buyers.
Toptenwholesale's shareholders made us a recommendation.

B2B Update | might have just set the new standard for websites and apps for eCommerce B2B companies... Welcomes FashionTIY, Inc is a vendor of 10,000+ Wholesale Jewelry and Fashion Accessory Items. B2B sites need to have a shift to a B2C Shopping Experience. Although they can cater to buyers if any size, FashionTIY makes as great partner for small to medium sized business owners or Poshmark, eBay, and Amazon sellers.  All items on their site are available for immediate shipment. For buyers out there, here is a link to download their app as well: Apple: Google: For other wholesale and B2B companies regardless of industry who may discover this post, PLEASE see what they have done; there are likely a few ideas your developers can gather from their website. James Yan - Excellent work by you and the FashionTIY team, it is great to be helping you going forward.