COVID-19 Stimulates Health Needs, These Four Types of Home Fitness Equipment are Hot All Over the World

During the coronavirus pandemic, the "home" economy developed rapidly. People don't need fancy home fitness equipment to keep in shape. For people with small space and tight budgets, they can use small fitness equipment to create a gym at home. The epidemic prevented many people's outdoor sports but made home fitness equipment such as yoga mats, elastic bands, rollers and so on popular. The following is an inventory of four popular fitness equipment sold worldwide. Wholesalers and retailers, please continue reading, new business opportunities may be here.

1.  Yoga mats

Yoga mats can do more than just yoga. If you want to do push-ups, flat supports, sit-ups, etc, but don't want to take off your shoes to the bed or sofa, you can use yoga mats to overcome that. You can practice yoga or do some stretching exercises. It is also easy to store.

2. Rope skipping

The fitness effect is obvious, but the only shortcoming is that if you live on a high floor, you can easily make too much noise due to continuous jumping. If it is matched with the first recommended yoga mat to jump, it Should be much better.

3. Wheel

It is easy to store and used with yoga mats, you will feel a "belly tear" for each group, please keep exercising. The fitness effect is very good.

4. Elastic band / Annular resistance band

There are many ways to practice the elastic band. The elastic band is easy to store at home. An annular resistance band can also help your exercise lower body. You can do some simple exercises, for example, raise your legs to exercise your hips, calf muscle, etc.

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