Essential Items During the Coronavirus

Because of the Cornnavirus, everyone must stay at home, and not be allowed to go out, many people feel so boring. Instead of being bored at home every day, consider the schedule and make the most of this time. The following FashionTIY has prepared some essential items at home to make your holiday more fulfilling.

1. Earplug/Eye mask/home textile /pajamas

The most exciting thing to stay at home is sleeping, and finally relaxing. Therefore, some sleep artifact maybe can help you have a good sleep. If you sleep during the day, the earplug can help you avoid hearing bird calls and the sound of the music. Although the curtains have been closed, it is still not like night, the light may seep in, and the eye mask can tightly cover the eyes. In this way, you can sleep well at any time. Good pajamas and good home textiles are also necessary.
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2. Phone holder

The phone holder simply a lucky star for lazy people, Once you have this phone holder, you will not even get out of bed. This phone holder can be recessed into any shape to suit your posture, it's very convenient for lying down. Just enjoying your phone.

3. Baking tools

Now, you can't dine-in restaurant or take out. Therefore, the best way is to cook by yourself. I think the baking tools help you make cooking easier. You can use these baking tools to cooking pizza, bread, cookies and more. Enjoying the delicious food with your family.

4. Hula Hoop/Yoja mat/Yoja ball

Although you can't go out for a run and don't exercise in the gym, exercise is very important to improve your immunity. Staying at home for a long time, so many people find themselves getting fatter, For many people who have high requirements for their body, especially girls, weight gaining is intolerable, so l recommend the Hula Hoop, Yoga mat and Yojia ball. Of course, comfortable sportswear will increase your passion for staying active. There are many styles to choose from Proper indoor exercise not only keeps you fit but also release irritability. You also can exercise with your family.

5. Parent-child toys/DIY tools

Many parents are usually busy at work and have no time to accompany their children. During this special time, you can make the most of this opportunity to play with your child. The parent-child toys and DIY tools are your best choices. Not only practice your child's abilities but also enhance the parent-child relationship.

6. Hair clipper

Can't go to the barbershop for a long time, How about your hair? Especially men. Therefore, buying a hair clipper is definitely the right decision. You can follow the online tutorial and just believe yourself. Maybe you may become an excellent hairdresser in the future.

7.Cleaning Tools/mop/rag/cleaning brush 

In this special period, maintaining hygiene is very important to us. So you need some good cleaning tools. Such as mops, rags, cleaning brushes, these goods are essential.