Fun Entertainment Games at Home

During this special period, people from all over the world fought against the Coronavirus in their homes, but staying at home for a long time was very boring. So some people with big brains began to ponder some strange pastimes. Come and see how they all do it!

1. Challenge the hand-washing ball

The Arsenal player Zaka, who is now at home, has accepted an interesting challenge on the Internet-the the hand-washing ball challenge. Zaka squeezed a disposable sanitizing solution, then rubbed the ball while rubbing her hands. The whole process continued about 15 seconds.

So, more and more people are starting to imitate this. For the wholesaler and retailer, hurry up and wholesale some balls, like badminton, football, ping pong, this is definitely a good opportunity to make money.

2. DIY: Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

Wholesale Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

Boys like ball games, but girls maybe don't like it. Grils usually like quiet things, the Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch looks good. Definitely for people who like DIY. Therefore, hurry up and wholesale Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch, will definitely sell very well.

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