Good Products to Improve Your Home Happiness During the Epidemic

On those days when you are not out, there are no mountains or rivers, no crowds, no disturbances, and only home is where you can breathe freely.

You haven't been with him for a long time like now. Those sad and happy separations show you the importance of home and the courage to stay home. It has a romantic image of life.

No matter how dangerous the outside world is, no matter how rampant the virus is, a home is a place that can bring you infinite happiness. At home, it's time to live a good life.

Okay, let's get back to business. Although people can't go out, which reduces the number of customers who visit them, online shopping is less affected. So wholesalers with online stores can see if the exquisite products recommended by FashionTIY have poked you?

1. UV Sterilizers

Happiness Index ❤❤❤❤❤

Coronavirus is like a devil now, ravaging people's lives, but can't people do anything about it? After research, coronavirus is very sensitive to 75% alcohol / UV Sterilizers / high temperature, etc. For home, it is very necessary to prepare a UV sterilizer. Bacteria and viruses are not required, the family's patron saint of health, just open the UV sterilizers. FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. Under the same quality, wholesalers can enjoy the best price to maximize their benefits. And the larger the wholesale quantity, the cheaper the price. It also supports mixed packaging of multiple products.

FashionTIY packs of products purchase by wholesalers together. This can also save shipping costs and time for wholesalers. What are you waiting for? Order now and the discount coupon is waiting for you!

2. Projector/projection screen

Happiness Index ❤❤❤❤❤

Think back, how long haven't you watched a movie? Remember the last time you watched cartoons with kids? Want to relive the romance of the Titanic again? Or "Speed and Passion"?

Then, FashionTIY's new type of projector and projection screens can definitely meet everyone's requirements for movie perception. Watching TV is too tiring, go to the cinema to watch ing a movie? No way, try this projector, you can feel the big vision in your home. Yes, this product will definitely sell well. But I know that many wholesalers are very worried about logistics now. Due to Coronavirus, most international passenger flights were interrupted, some cargo flights were also very tight,  and Standard shipping by post in various countries is also temporarily suspended. International logistics is largely paralyzed, please do not worry, FashionTIY can still deliver the goods to you. Oh, really? Many wholesalers may be surprised. Yes, I'm not joking. I can swear to god. Because FashionTIY and DHL have always maintained a pleasant cooperative relationship, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded, especially for large orders and professional wholesalers, this special logistics method can not only make the goods arrive efficiently but also effectively reduce your costs. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered to you for about 3 weeks. At this special time, the FashionTIY platform is currently running smoothly and efficiently, therefore, please the wholesaler place the order as soon as possible.