Hot Products of "Home Economy" During COVID-19

A sudden coronavirus disrupted the beginning of 2020 and changed the way the consumer market consumes. "Home Economy" is hot in the market. Which products were very popular during this period? What new opportunities will be created? Dear wholesaler, let's follow FashionTIY and see which products become hot in the home economy!

1. Wheel and other fitness equipment
During the epidemic, people who initially liked "outdoor activities" became the "main force" of fitness equipment in the "Home Economy". Those who like to exercise have moved the gym to their homes. According to FashionTIY, wheels, elastics, sit-ups assistant, yoga mats, and other home fitness equipment are currently on sale, up 94% from the same period last year!

2. Masks and other protective equipment

FashionTIY data shows that hand sanitizer sales increased by 231%. Until now, orders for masks, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and other personal health products continue to increase.

3. Cross stitch and other DIY
DIY at home is also becoming a new fashion. On the FashionTIY platform, a variety of cross-stitch and diamond painting has become a hot style. Compared with the previous months, the sales volume has increased linearly!

The epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge for the consumer market. Many consumers try things that have not been used before, providing opportunities for penetration in many emerging areas. The "Home Economy" will be the engine that will generate new business models. Hope wholesalers and retailers can get some inspiration from this article.

In addition, the FashionTIY has been running smoothly and efficiently. With global logistics almost paralyzed, the FashionTIY all products are shipped via DHL or UPS and Sea Cargo delivered normally, ensuring a sufficient supply for your protection and business. Therefore, if you want to wholesale the "Home Economy" products, please place an order. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us. And if you want to learn more, please open our website or App:

Hope everything goes well with you. And wish your business getting better and better.