Inventory and Logistics During the Epidemic for Wholesalers and Retailers

The time has come to 2020, the Coronavirus is constantly affecting everyone's hearts, and the bustling streets and shopping malls of the past are now empty. Under the epidemic, many retailers have indeed experienced unprecedented crises. But we must also realize that the emergence of each crisis means that new opportunities are emerging. So for wholesalers and retailers, how can it be even better for their business to survive the epidemic smoothly and safely? For now, the pain points for wholesalers and retailers focus on inventory and logistics.

Replenishment and inventory

This is already the case. Complaints cannot solve any problems. Wholesalers and retailers need to take certain countermeasures to their business. Whoever can seize the market opportunity will win. Why do l say that? Because the Coronavirus will eventually pass. After a month or two, the market will be a rebound in consumption and consumer enthusiasm will rise, but what if your store is out of stock? What do you sell? A month or two later, it's already May or June. People are beginning to change into summer clothes, but your store still only has sweaters and coats. It is conceivable that your business will be even worse. Yes, smart wholesalers and retailers have started replenishing while others are eating and drinking at home! Some people may say that at this special time, wholesale products will be very difficult! Then he must not know FashionTIY. All products of theirs are produced in China. At present, the epidemic situation in China has been greatly relieved. Most of the manufacturers have resumed production to meet the purchasing needs of wholesale retailers. At the same time, it is recommended that you use a small number of batches to replenish the situation. They can also support it! You  can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under the equal quality


At this time, logistics and transportation are really a big problem that plagues wholesalers and retailers? Many countries are blocked. Can I receive the products? How long does it take to receive the products? These are indeed a lot of concerns for wholesalers and retailers. However, please keep calm. Many international passenger flights are indeed interrupted now, while cargo flights are still underway, but the number of flights has been reduced, resulting in very tight cargo transportation. Fortunately, the aforementioned priority shipping and cooperates with DHL, so priority shipping is basically unaffected.

Another very good news is that Sea Cargo is also unblocked. In about three weeks, your products will be delivered to you. Especially for some large orders and professional wholesalers and retailers, Sea Cargo can not only effectively deliver but also effectively reduce your shipping costs. Moreover, when you wholesale products at FashionTIY, you can also check the status of your order and track the logistics information.

I believe all suffering is temporary, the epidemic will eventually pass, and the future of our wholesalers and retailers will be bright. The premise is that we must have confidence in ourselves and confidence in the future.