Personal Protective Equipment and Logistics That Wholesalers & Retailers Care About Most During the Epidemic

Coronavirus now sweeping the globe, many people are forced to stay home and not be able to go out. This Cornnavirus is both an opportunity and a challenge. How should wholesalers respond to this situation? Our platform also adjusted urgently needed products according to the development of epidemics and people's current needs!

Personal protective equipment

Masks, goggles, sanitizer, wipes, handheld thermometers and paper towels are currently the best-selling and rare items. But don't worry, you can wholesale all protective equipment at FashionTIY. All products of FashionTIY are wholesale in China. Now the epidemic situation in China has been greatly relieved, and various protective supplies are also more abundant, which can fully meet your order quantity requirements. FashionTIY supports mixed ordering of multiple products, saving you cost and time. That meaning you can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under the equal quality. In addition, scientific research has proven that the package is virus-free. All packages are subject to strict inspections by Chinese customs to ensure security.

In fact, the virus disappears quickly after leaving the body and cannot survive on the package. Please do not worry.

Will logistics be restricted

Bored at home, believe many people will doing something that they like. Enjoy watching wonderful movies looks good. During this period, the demand for purchasing projectors has increased significantly. However, many wholesalers may worry that the blockade is now in place in many countries. Will logistics be restricted? At FashionTIY Wholesale Platform, you don't need to worry about logistics at all. FashionTIY supports Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping services. Standard Shipping helps you save shipping costs. Priority Shipping helps you save time. Wholesalers can choose different logistics methods according to their business.