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Top 5 Products Sold by FashionTIY During the Epidemic

All new market opportunities arise from the emergence of new consumer demand. As a result, most business opportunities during the epidemic were hidden in consumers' shopping carts.

However, it is worth noting that during this period, many product sales rose against the trend, and even some products that were previously excluded from "hot style" also become surprisingly popular during the epidemic.

Some professionals have analyzed that the unexpected popularity of these products actually indicates current and future new consumer trends. It is expected that after the epidemic, the global consumer market will usher in a greater rebound. Today, we have listed the top 5 products sold by FastinTIY during the epidemic. Hope this list can provide some new entrepreneurial opportunities for wholesalers and retailers!

1. Mask

During the epidemic, search volume for keywords for masks has grown exponentially. From January 19 to the present, the search volume for masks has soared, and the purchase index has set a new record for FashionTIY. This epidemic has made masks, which used to cost less than a few dollars, now one of the scarce consumer products in the world. At present, the gap of the masks in the world is still very large, and the market is still in short supply. But don't worry, FashionTIY can still purchase a large number of masks for wholesalers at present because they are purchased from China.

2. Fisherman's hat, mask

Fisherman hats are so popular because of obvious innovations in functionality. It was originally an ordinary fisherman's hat used in spring and summer, plus transparent masks, which immediately became a hot style. It also prevented water droplets from spreading. According to FashionTIY statistics, it took only three days for the fisherman's hat to reach 100,000 sales in total. At present, sales figures are still rising.

3. Disposable Hand Sanitizer

With the increasing awareness of epidemic prevention, disinfection products such as hand sanitizers are being sold quickly online. The impact of the epidemic is expected to continue into the second quarter. After that, global companies will resume work one after another. The disinfection of office environments and the need for employees to wash their hands will drive new demand for cleaning products represented by disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

4. UV sterilizer

In addition to the regular masks, alcohol, and goggles, UV sterilizers are also effective anti-epidemic materials.
According to scientific research, the coronavirus is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. This led to a wholesale spree. According to FashiinTIY statistics, the growth of UV sterilizer appliances was nearly 300%.

5. Home projector

The cinema is temporarily closed, but you can also watch movies at home. According to FashionTIY, the wholesale index has also grown rapidly since the addition of home projectors.

These are the products with the highest sales of FashionTIY in the past two months. At this special time, the FashionTIY platform is currently running smoothly and efficiently. As for logistics, FashionTIY and DHL have always maintained a pleasant cooperative relationship, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded, especially for large orders and professional wholesalers, this special logistics method can not only make the goods arrive efficiently but also effectively reduce your costs. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered to you for about 3 weeks.

As I said above, the unexpected popularity of these products actually indicates current and future new consumer trends. Hope this article is helpful for your wholesale business. May your business get better and better.

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