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Why Does This App Get Favor of Most Jewelry Retailers?

I believe most fashion icons are interested in all kinds of fashion news, fashion magazines, fashion stores, fashion shopping platforms and fashion shopping sites. As a fashion lover, it's really a pity if you know nothing about FashionTIY -an E-commerce platform for fashion shopping. In a word, FashionTIY will lead you to the magic ornament world where you can try on the accessories uniquely remaining within doors and own them at the best cost performance.

As an E-commerce platform focusing on supplying professional fashion jewelry and accessories, FashionTIY cuts off all intermediate links from manufacturers to terminal sales, and devotes to providing small and medium-sized accessories dealers and fashionables with rich, complete, high-quality and low-cost one-stop services relying on new hot styles, factory price and fast shipping.

Having signed contracts with more than 1,200 factories from China, India, Thailand and Philippines, we realized direct transaction among factories, te…

Why 30,000+ Retailers Purchase From FashionTIY?

In the United States and Europe, many terminal retailers and consumers may be unclear that most products purchased are made in China, and it is inconceivable that there is a world of difference between transaction price and factory price of such products.

China is undoubtedly one of the world's largest trade exporters, and especially in accessories industry, ranks first in the world. Relying on the advantages of more centralized factories, quicker market response, lower supply price and smoother logistics channels, China's products have accounted for more than 60% of European and American market shares.

Facts speak louder than words. One of our colleagues from Mississippi has experienced the unfair price. I was impressed because she was so attractive wearing the pretty turquoise necklace set the first day when she came to our company. During chatting time, we knew that she bought the set with $34 at a local jewelry store. In fact, the product was made in Zhejiang, China and it w…

How Virtual Try-On Will Change Wholesale

Unlike electronics or books, clothes and clothing accessories are not standardized or one size fits all. Clothing and accessories are personalized and shoppers prefer to try them on before buying. The same holds true for retailers who purchase these items from wholesalers. Most retailers are still wary of purchasing wholesale clothing and accessories online. A Shift in Shopping Preferences However, the unique capabilities of internet and mobile technologies could create a shift in online wholesale consumption. A new wave of startups is adding value for the retailers that buy from them. Instead of simply being online stores without fitting rooms, these online distributors are offering a virtual, experiential shopping experience. These companies are incorporating the best of both the online and physical environments to create better shopping experiences for retailers.
Benefits of Visual Interactive Technology Technology is constantly evolving. This bodes well for the online wholesalers. Off…

The Accessories Will Make You Brighter

-- In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. The world is always full of unknown and we can't predict what will happen to our life, fortunately, we can paint the life with some interesting decoration. Especially for girls, accessories will be undoubtedly necessary. Now that we have known importance of the accessories, of course information on them can't be missed. Today, I will introduce some fashion accessories for all of you, and believe that the high price–performance ratio will bring you more colorful life. The collections are listed as follows. Necklaces are always considered to be core of various accessories. Carefully selected style will highlight the wearer's temperament, personality and charm, make up some shortcomings of feature or neck, and have a surprising effect. Recommend as follows: XSN-718 Fashion all-match metal ball with pearl necklace Price: $1.38 XSN-812 Once upon a time statement multi chain necklace Price: $1.39 XSN-826 Big resin flower rhi…