Wholesalers care about three questions about FashionTIY

What is a good wholesale platform for most wholesalers and retailers? Whether the products sold on the website are what I need and whether the wholesale price is discounted. Is logistics convenient? Ok, today, I will answer the three questions about FashionTIY that wholesalers are more care about.

1. Product category

FashionTIY main wholesale business is Apparel, Mom&Kids, Bag&Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Wedding & Party, Beauty, Home & Garden, School & Office supplies, etc. FashionTIY cooperates with thousands of factories and owns the circulating wholesale inventory of over 200,000+ styles online. Our product range is very rich and can meet your business needs.

2. Wholesale prices

As a wholesaler and retailer, you will definitely care about wholesale prices. Of course, because this is related to your profit. For the same quality products, our price will save you 40% on average. Please note that it is of equal quality, can help you save 40%. Seeing this, I guess you must be very excited. There is another big surprise, Our price range is very flexible. There is no MOQ. The more you purchase, the lower your wholesale price will be. In other words, you can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under equal quality.

3. Logistics

FashionTIY supports both standard shipping and priority shipping. Standard shipping can help you save shipping costs and maximize your profits. Priority shipping can save shipping time and allow you to receive goods faster. Therefore, you can choose the logistics method that suits you according to your business needs.

The above is a brief introduction to the product category,  wholesale prices, and logistics. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by Live Chat or email.

About FashionTIY: www.fashiontiy.com

Top 3 best bags wholesaler

I believe women in the world must own more than one bag. Moreover, many women's love for bags has reached an extreme degree of fanaticism. Therefore, the business space for bags is also large. Now let's talk about some large, high quality, and comprehensive bag supplier. I hope to provide some references for wholesalers and retailers.

Top 1. FashionTIY

FashionTIY bags are very diverse. Women's evening bags, children's backpacks, men's briefcases, wallets, purses, and genuine leather, can be found here in one stop. Wholesale prices have a big advantage over other suppliers. Flexible price range, no MOQ. Most importantly, FashionTIY provides up to 30 days of after-sales service, any damage caused by non-human factors can be replaced for free. FashionTIY supports standard logistics and priority logistics, and wholesalers can choose according to their business needs. Therefore, overall, FashionTIY is the most recommended.

Top 2.Handbag Fashion

Handbag Fashion for wholesale handbags, fashion handbags, designer's inspired handbags, knockoff styles, evening bags, clutches, belts, and more. Fashion World offers the highest quality handbags and hottest fashions for women. The most prominent feature of Handbag Fashion is that there are many styles and rich colors. Whether you are attending high-end occasions or outings, you can find a bag that suits you here.

Top3. Bag Manufacturers

If you are looking for high-quality and customized bags to add to your private label brand, then Bag Manufacturerusa can serve your bulk needs, impeccably. Bag Manufacturers is the best private label bags manufacturer USA and their catalog is specially designed to shape your business. Brief them about your specific requirements and get your bulk ordered delivered on time with ease. Therefore, Bag Manufacturers is the best choice for retailers who want to choose custom bags.

The above are the top three bag suppliers I recommend to retailers. You can choose according to your actual business needs. Hope my recommendation will be helpful to you.

The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Prevent Coronavirus: Wearing a Mask

Coronaviruses are sweeping the globe, and everyone is worried: How can they be prevented? Of the many precautions, the simplest and most effective is wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is one of the most important and most effective prevention and control measures to prevent infectious diseases such as coronavirus, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection with coronavirus!

The global demand for purchasing medical masks has increased by 13796%, which makes the mask gap between countries around the world very serious! Therefore, it is very important for wholesalers to purchase a large number of qualified masks and smooth logistics in time!

In this special period, such a wholesale platform has played an important role! This is FashionTIY! www.fashiontiy.com In addition to masks, there is personal protective equipment such as sanitizers and goggles! All products are purchased in China. And all the orders' tracking status is available. FashionTIY also provides after-sales service for up to 30 days. Damage caused by non-human factors can be replaced free of charge.

As for logistics, please don't worry, FashionTIY cooperates closely with DHL. Therefore, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. Other than that, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded. For wholesalers with large orders and some professional wholesalers, Sea Cargo not only reduces your shipping costs but also makes your products arrive more efficiently.

Facing the coronavirus, human beings are a community. Wearing a mask is the easiest and most effective way to prevent coronavirus. If wholesalers want to purchase a lot of masks, then you must not miss FashionTIY.

Opportunities and Challenges for Retailers Under the COVID-19

With the full outbreak of COVID-19, more and more countries began to implement a comprehensive blockade policy. Many cities have begun to implement "Home Isolation Orders". Almost all brick-and-mortar retail industries have suffered. But under the crisis, unexpected and successful innovation models have emerged. Let's follow FashionTIY and analyze what are the opportunities for many small retailers under the influence of COVID-19?

1. Strengthen online and offline integration

Under the haze of COVID-19, to avoid going out to contact with others, most people choose to shop online, reducing the chance of going out, and the proportion of online shopping has increased significantly. In this context, doing a good job of online customer maintenance and making up for offline sales losses may become the core competitiveness of major retail stores in the first half of 2020.

At the same time, for clothing, shoes and bags and other retail areas that focus on experience, customers not only buy the product itself, but also an "experience" in the store. Offline experience, online transactions may become the consumer trend in 2020, and the integrated layout of online and offline will be the best way for retailers to make breakthroughs.

2. Improve the product supply chain

Challenges such as factory shortages, logistics disruption, and tight store inventory have provided retailers with an opportunity to discover shortcomings in the supply chain. During this special period, FashionTIY adjusted logistics methods, all of FashionTIY's products are delivered using DHL, UPS, and Sea Cargo logistics to ensure that our customers can receive the products safely and effectively. After the COVID-19 is over, retailers should carry out diagnostic reviews and corresponding supplements to the supply chain, improve the capacity and flexibility of the supply chain system, and prepare for long-term development. FashionTIY supports both standard logistics and priority logistics to improve the supply of your products chain.

3. Improve product quality and service system

Retailers should improve their product quality and service systems, and prepare for a full comeback. All FashionTIY products have passed the three stages of product quality inspection, primary quality inspection, and packaging quality inspection, and then delivered to the logistics company. Also, FashionTIY provides long-term after-sales service for up to 30 days, and all products damaged for non-human reasons will be reissued for free. FashionTIY provides good products and services to retailers, so retailers can provide good products and services to customers. To achieve a win-win result.

It is hoped that retailers will be fully prepared for COVID-19, respond to potential challenges, and seize growth opportunities to achieve future sustainable development. FashionTIY will always be the most loyal partner for retailers.

How to Make Your Home Isolation More Fun

With the spread of COVID-19, many products have become very popular, such as masks, disinfection water, and goggles in the pharmaceutical industry. There is also a growth in the entertainment game consumer industry derived from the "home economy". Among them, products that can improve home happiness and satisfy people's entertainment and office are attracting attention from consumers or forming a new consumption trend.

Next, let's follow FashionTIY and take stock of which products can make your home isolation more interesting.

1. Living room entertainment products
There is no doubt that the projector has become the first place in the living room entertainment products on FashionTIY. Maybe it 's because TV can't meet the needs of a family already, after all, different age groups want to see different film and television content.

2. Office electronics products
This is not difficult to understand. Although people are isolated at home, they still need to work properly. As a result, orders for mobile phone adapters, computer cables &connectors, mouse & keyboards, and other office electronics have rapidity increase on the FashionTIY platform.

3. Small fitness equipment products
On platforms like Google and Quora, the searches about small home fitness equipment are very hot. On FashionTIY, dumbbells, skipping ropes, stretch bands, yoga balls, and other small fitness equipment have even become the most purchased products by wholesalers and retailers.

Although a sudden COVID-19 broke people's normal life, there was no lively past, replaced by the blockade of various countries, a bit deserted. But we also see opportunities in crisis. The growth of remote offices, online education, and online shopping confirm changes in people's needs. What the people need, what the market needs, what the company produces, what the retailer sells. Really paying attention to the development and changes of the market and people's consumer needs can retailers develop in a crisis.

During this special period, FashionTIY also adjusted according to market developments and changes. FashionTIY added masks and other protective equipment, as well as projectors, office equipment, and other daily necessities. In view of the current global logistics situation, all FashionTIY products use DHL, UPS, Sea Cargo logistics methods to ensure that wholesalers and retailers can receive goods safely and effectively.

For more products, please visit www.fashiontiy.com.

FashionTIY Emerges as the Most Trusted Wholesale Platform for wholesalers and retailers

FashionTIY is a super factory wholesale platform with a multi-category that provides professional services to small and medium enterprises all over the world; It is dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises around the world to achieve low-cost procurement; Since its inception in 2016, it has become the preferred supplier for more than 20,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and is widely welcomed in the North American and European markets; The company has become the most competitive one-stop procurement platform for small and medium-sized enterprises on the Internet.
NEW YORK, NY / April 15, 2020 / In recent years, due to the rise of cross-border e-commerce and international logistics, global cross-border trade has become increasingly popular, and more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to enter this field and benefit from it. According to statistics, as of early 2020, the number of stores on the Shopify platform alone has exceeded 1 million, while the number of stores on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Wish are also on the rise.

In order to obtain stable profits and customers, the most important thing for sellers is to ensure competitive prices and stable product quality. However, due to the asymmetric information between the factory and the terminal sellers, it is difficult for most SMEs to directly obtain high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective products. That's why FashionTIY was founded, to provide more customers with a competitive advantage.

Even in the face of the global spread of COVID-19, people's consumer demand has not stopped, and sales of many products are rising against the trend. Market professionals analyzed that these changes indicate some current and future new consumer trends. After the COVID-19 ends, the global consumer market will usher in a greater rebound. This will also be an important opportunity for the majority of SMEs.

Like many start-ups around the world, founder Tony registered FashionTIY in Delaware in 2016. In the past few years, the company has developed by leaps and bounds. Currently, FashionTIY has more than 50 employees and is widely popular in North America and Europe. The company hopes to become the most competitive one-stop procurement platform for SMEs on the Internet.

Tony said: "We have signed direct sales agreements with thousands of factories in China, India and other places, eliminating all intermediate links, and the hundreds of thousands of products sold on the platform are all factory wholesale prices. You don't need to worry about any purchasing issues, just select the required products and place an order." At present, 90% of the SMEs whose monthly purchases on the platform are between $2,000- $5,000, rich products meet customers' purchasing needs.

Unlike buying products on Amazon, AliExpress, Wish and other platforms, FashionTIY has more than one hundred thousand products, all of which implement one-stop procurement, one-time payment, and one order delivery. For most of the SME importers newly entering the cross-border procurement field or having insufficient procurement experience, this model effectively solves many troubles such as multiple purchases and payments from different stores, scattered received, and difficulty in check.

Especially in the face of large and complex platforms, most SMEs often cannot find reliable suppliers after many attempts. "I have tried to buy from Wish and AliExpress, but too many products make me at a loss, I really don't know which one is the most economical and safe to buy from, I wasted a lot of money. Until I found FashionTIY, things became much easier, I just need to choose the product I want, quality, price, packaging, transportation, they solved everything I needed." Olivia M from New York commented this way.

Thousands of customers including Olivia M recommend FashionTIY because this is their ideal business partner to help them continue to grow their business.

Facing the collapse of a large number of suppliers due to the COVID-19 this year, FashionTIY has also launched a professional program to help small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide find reliable manufacturers in China, India and other places.

Jessica B, who runs a pet shop in Florida, became one of the earliest beneficiaries of the plan. She has been selling her own pet products, and the COVID-19 has caused the original supplier to collapse. She contacted FashionTIY in early March for help. On April 2nd, she had received the first batch of products. The quality was the same as the previous product, but the price was lower.

For more information about FashionTIY and its services, please click www.fashiontiy.com

About FashionTIY: FashionTIY is a super factory wholesale platform that professionally serves global SMEs, and is a source supplier for all categories factory. It is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide to achieve low-cost procurement. Since its establishment in 2016, it has become the preferred supplier of more than 20,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, and it has been popular in North American and European markets. 

FashionTIY has signed contracts with thousands of factories, hundreds of thousands of styles, updated daily, and all implement factory wholesale prices. Flexible quantity and price intervals, one mixed batch and one-time transportation costs, not only can reduce inventory pressure but also benefit capital turnover.

Good Products to Improve Your Home Happiness During the Epidemic

On those days when you are not out, there are no mountains or rivers, no crowds, no disturbances, and only home is where you can breathe freely.

You haven't been with him for a long time like now. Those sad and happy separations show you the importance of home and the courage to stay home. It has a romantic image of life.

No matter how dangerous the outside world is, no matter how rampant the virus is, a home is a place that can bring you infinite happiness. At home, it's time to live a good life.

Okay, let's get back to business. Although people can't go out, which reduces the number of customers who visit them, online shopping is less affected. So wholesalers with online stores can see if the exquisite products recommended by FashionTIY have poked you?

1. UV Sterilizers

Happiness Index ❤❤❤❤❤

Coronavirus is like a devil now, ravaging people's lives, but can't people do anything about it? After research, coronavirus is very sensitive to 75% alcohol / UV Sterilizers / high temperature, etc. For home, it is very necessary to prepare a UV sterilizer. Bacteria and viruses are not required, the family's patron saint of health, just open the UV sterilizers. FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. Under the same quality, wholesalers can enjoy the best price to maximize their benefits. And the larger the wholesale quantity, the cheaper the price. It also supports mixed packaging of multiple products.

FashionTIY packs of products purchase by wholesalers together. This can also save shipping costs and time for wholesalers. What are you waiting for? Order now and the discount coupon is waiting for you!

2. Projector/projection screen

Happiness Index ❤❤❤❤❤

Think back, how long haven't you watched a movie? Remember the last time you watched cartoons with kids? Want to relive the romance of the Titanic again? Or "Speed and Passion"?

Then, FashionTIY's new type of projector and projection screens can definitely meet everyone's requirements for movie perception. Watching TV is too tiring, go to the cinema to watch ing a movie? No way, try this projector, you can feel the big vision in your home. Yes, this product will definitely sell well. But I know that many wholesalers are very worried about logistics now. Due to Coronavirus, most international passenger flights were interrupted, some cargo flights were also very tight,  and Standard shipping by post in various countries is also temporarily suspended. International logistics is largely paralyzed, please do not worry, FashionTIY can still deliver the goods to you. Oh, really? Many wholesalers may be surprised. Yes, I'm not joking. I can swear to god. Because FashionTIY and DHL have always maintained a pleasant cooperative relationship, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded, especially for large orders and professional wholesalers, this special logistics method can not only make the goods arrive efficiently but also effectively reduce your costs. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered to you for about 3 weeks. At this special time, the FashionTIY platform is currently running smoothly and efficiently, therefore, please the wholesaler place the order as soon as possible.

Hot Products of "Home Economy" During COVID-19

A sudden coronavirus disrupted the beginning of 2020 and changed the way the consumer market consumes. "Home Economy" is hot in the market. Which products were very popular during this period? What new opportunities will be created? Dear wholesaler, let's follow FashionTIY and see which products become hot in the home economy!

1. Wheel and other fitness equipment
During the epidemic, people who initially liked "outdoor activities" became the "main force" of fitness equipment in the "Home Economy". Those who like to exercise have moved the gym to their homes. According to FashionTIY, wheels, elastics, sit-ups assistant, yoga mats, and other home fitness equipment are currently on sale, up 94% from the same period last year!

2. Masks and other protective equipment

FashionTIY data shows that hand sanitizer sales increased by 231%. Until now, orders for masks, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and other personal health products continue to increase.

3. Cross stitch and other DIY
DIY at home is also becoming a new fashion. On the FashionTIY platform, a variety of cross-stitch and diamond painting has become a hot style. Compared with the previous months, the sales volume has increased linearly!

The epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge for the consumer market. Many consumers try things that have not been used before, providing opportunities for penetration in many emerging areas. The "Home Economy" will be the engine that will generate new business models. Hope wholesalers and retailers can get some inspiration from this article.

In addition, the FashionTIY has been running smoothly and efficiently. With global logistics almost paralyzed, the FashionTIY all products are shipped via DHL or UPS and Sea Cargo delivered normally, ensuring a sufficient supply for your protection and business. Therefore, if you want to wholesale the "Home Economy" products, please place an order. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us. And if you want to learn more, please open our website or App: www.fashiontiy.com.

Hope everything goes well with you. And wish your business getting better and better.

Essential Items During the Coronavirus

Because of the Cornnavirus, everyone must stay at home, and not be allowed to go out, many people feel so boring. Instead of being bored at home every day, consider the schedule and make the most of this time. The following FashionTIY has prepared some essential items at home to make your holiday more fulfilling.

1. Earplug/Eye mask/home textile /pajamas

The most exciting thing to stay at home is sleeping, and finally relaxing. Therefore, some sleep artifact maybe can help you have a good sleep. If you sleep during the day, the earplug can help you avoid hearing bird calls and the sound of the music. Although the curtains have been closed, it is still not like night, the light may seep in, and the eye mask can tightly cover the eyes. In this way, you can sleep well at any time. Good pajamas and good home textiles are also necessary.
You can find more products: fashiontiy.com/WomenSleep&Lounge.htm

2. Phone holder

The phone holder simply a lucky star for lazy people, Once you have this phone holder, you will not even get out of bed. This phone holder can be recessed into any shape to suit your posture, it's very convenient for lying down. Just enjoying your phone.

3. Baking tools

Now, you can't dine-in restaurant or take out. Therefore, the best way is to cook by yourself. I think the baking tools help you make cooking easier. You can use these baking tools to cooking pizza, bread, cookies and more. Enjoying the delicious food with your family.

4. Hula Hoop/Yoja mat/Yoja ball

Although you can't go out for a run and don't exercise in the gym, exercise is very important to improve your immunity. Staying at home for a long time, so many people find themselves getting fatter, For many people who have high requirements for their body, especially girls, weight gaining is intolerable, so l recommend the Hula Hoop, Yoga mat and Yojia ball. Of course, comfortable sportswear will increase your passion for staying active. There are many styles to choose from fashiontiy.com/WomenSports.htm. Proper indoor exercise not only keeps you fit but also release irritability. You also can exercise with your family.

5. Parent-child toys/DIY tools

Many parents are usually busy at work and have no time to accompany their children. During this special time, you can make the most of this opportunity to play with your child. The parent-child toys and DIY tools are your best choices. Not only practice your child's abilities but also enhance the parent-child relationship.

6. Hair clipper

Can't go to the barbershop for a long time, How about your hair? Especially men. Therefore, buying a hair clipper is definitely the right decision. You can follow the online tutorial and just believe yourself. Maybe you may become an excellent hairdresser in the future.

7.Cleaning Tools/mop/rag/cleaning brush 

In this special period, maintaining hygiene is very important to us. So you need some good cleaning tools. Such as mops, rags, cleaning brushes, these goods are essential.

Top 5 Products Sold by FashionTIY During the Epidemic

All new market opportunities arise from the emergence of new consumer demand. As a result, most business opportunities during the epidemic were hidden in consumers' shopping carts.

However, it is worth noting that during this period, many product sales rose against the trend, and even some products that were previously excluded from "hot style" also become surprisingly popular during the epidemic.

Some professionals have analyzed that the unexpected popularity of these products actually indicates current and future new consumer trends. It is expected that after the epidemic, the global consumer market will usher in a greater rebound. Today, we have listed the top 5 products sold by FastinTIY during the epidemic. Hope this list can provide some new entrepreneurial opportunities for wholesalers and retailers!

1. Mask

During the epidemic, search volume for keywords for masks has grown exponentially. From January 19 to the present, the search volume for masks has soared, and the purchase index has set a new record for FashionTIY. This epidemic has made masks, which used to cost less than a few dollars, now one of the scarce consumer products in the world. At present, the gap of the masks in the world is still very large, and the market is still in short supply. But don't worry, FashionTIY can still purchase a large number of masks for wholesalers at present because they are purchased from China.

2. Fisherman's hat, mask

Fisherman hats are so popular because of obvious innovations in functionality. It was originally an ordinary fisherman's hat used in spring and summer, plus transparent masks, which immediately became a hot style. It also prevented water droplets from spreading. According to FashionTIY statistics, it took only three days for the fisherman's hat to reach 100,000 sales in total. At present, sales figures are still rising.

3. Disposable Hand Sanitizer

With the increasing awareness of epidemic prevention, disinfection products such as hand sanitizers are being sold quickly online. The impact of the epidemic is expected to continue into the second quarter. After that, global companies will resume work one after another. The disinfection of office environments and the need for employees to wash their hands will drive new demand for cleaning products represented by disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

4. UV sterilizer

In addition to the regular masks, alcohol, and goggles, UV sterilizers are also effective anti-epidemic materials.
According to scientific research, the coronavirus is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. This led to a wholesale spree. According to FashiinTIY statistics, the growth of UV sterilizer appliances was nearly 300%.

5. Home projector

The cinema is temporarily closed, but you can also watch movies at home. According to FashionTIY, the wholesale index has also grown rapidly since the addition of home projectors.

These are the products with the highest sales of FashionTIY in the past two months. At this special time, the FashionTIY platform is currently running smoothly and efficiently. As for logistics,FashionTIY and DHL have always maintained a pleasant cooperative relationship, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded, especially for large orders and professional wholesalers, this special logistics method can not only make the goods arrive efficiently but also effectively reduce your costs. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered to you for about 3 weeks.

As I said above,the unexpected popularity of these products actually indicates current and future new consumer trends. Hope this article is helpful for your wholesale business. May your business get better and better.

Where Can l Wholesale The Mask and Sanitizer

First of all, let me show you a set of data: the global demand for purchasing medical masks has grown by 13796%, the demand for hand sanitizer has increased by 7360%, and the gap in the US masks has been 315 million, up to 90%! The WTO currently states that the demand for personal protective equipment such as masks is 100 times the normal level and the price is 20 times the normal level. The widespread and inappropriate use of personal protective equipment has further exacerbated this lack of conditions. Under the influence of this epidemic, masks have become a talisman for people to go out, and the market demand has surged! Let me show you another set of data: It is estimated that China's mask production capacity accounts for 70% of the world's total, with a daily output of 120 million! Behind the blowout of global mask demand, China is becoming the biggest hope to solve the "mask shortage", and China's mask industry has received extensive attention from the market!

After reading these numbers, are you even more worried about where to purchase masks? Come on, then look down... Introduce a good platform for wholesalers to purchase masks, sanitizer, safety goggles, etc.

Yes, as you guessed, this wholesale platform is FashionTIY. All of FashiobTIY's masks, disinfectants, goggles, and other personal protective equipment are purchased from China, so your wholesale quantity can be guaranteed! FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. Under the same quality, wholesalers can enjoy the best price to maximize their benefits. What'more, the more you wholesale, the lower your purchase price and the more profitable you will be!  In today's world where masks are in short supply, it is really not easy to wholesale in large quantities!

Finally found a platform where a large number of masks can be wholesale, but will logistics be restricted? For wholesalers, logistics and shipping are indeed a headache. Indeed, as we do not want to see, international logistics is largely paralyzed. Some cargo flights were also very tight, and Standard shipping by post in various countries is also temporarily suspended. Please do not worry, FashionTIY can still deliver the masks to you. Will FashionTIY be magic? NO, NO, NO. Because FashionTIY cooperates with DHL. During this special period, the two sides deepened the intensity of cooperation priority. Therefore, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded. Under normal circumstances, the masks will be delivered to you for about 3 weeks.

I believe reading this article will help your wholesale mask business. Letting people buy masks and doing personal protection is not only our business, but also the best protection for their health. Let us look forward to the demise of this coronavirus. This day will come soon.

Inventory and Logistics During the Epidemic for Wholesalers and Retailers

The time has come to 2020, the Coronavirus is constantly affecting everyone's hearts, and the bustling streets and shopping malls of the past are now empty. Under the epidemic, many retailers have indeed experienced unprecedented crises. But we must also realize that the emergence of each crisis means that new opportunities are emerging. So for wholesalers and retailers, how can it be even better for their business to survive the epidemic smoothly and safely? For now, the pain points for wholesalers and retailers focus on inventory and logistics.

Replenishment and inventory

This is already the case. Complaints cannot solve any problems. Wholesalers and retailers need to take certain countermeasures to their business. Whoever can seize the market opportunity will win. Why do l say that? Because the Coronavirus will eventually pass. After a month or two, the market will be a rebound in consumption and consumer enthusiasm will rise, but what if your store is out of stock? What do you sell? A month or two later, it's already May or June. People are beginning to change into summer clothes, but your store still only has sweaters and coats. It is conceivable that your business will be even worse. Yes, smart wholesalers and retailers have started replenishing while others are eating and drinking at home! Some people may say that at this special time, wholesale products will be very difficult! Then he must not know FashionTIY. All products of theirs are produced in China. At present, the epidemic situation in China has been greatly relieved. Most of the manufacturers have resumed production to meet the purchasing needs of wholesale retailers. At the same time, it is recommended that you use a small number of batches to replenish the situation. They can also support it! You  can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under the equal quality


At this time, logistics and transportation are really a big problem that plagues wholesalers and retailers? Many countries are blocked. Can I receive the products? How long does it take to receive the products? These are indeed a lot of concerns for wholesalers and retailers. However, please keep calm. Many international passenger flights are indeed interrupted now, while cargo flights are still underway, but the number of flights has been reduced, resulting in very tight cargo transportation. Fortunately, the aforementioned priority shipping and cooperates with DHL, so priority shipping is basically unaffected.

Another very good news is that Sea Cargo is also unblocked. In about three weeks, your products will be delivered to you. Especially for some large orders and professional wholesalers and retailers, Sea Cargo can not only effectively deliver but also effectively reduce your shipping costs. Moreover, when you wholesale products at FashionTIY, you can also check the status of your order and track the logistics information.

I believe all suffering is temporary, the epidemic will eventually pass, and the future of our wholesalers and retailers will be bright. The premise is that we must have confidence in ourselves and confidence in the future.

COVID-19 Stimulates Health Needs, These Four Types of Home Fitness Equipment are Hot All Over the World

During the coronavirus pandemic, the "home" economy developed rapidly. People don't need fancy home fitness equipment to keep in shape. For people with small space and tight budgets, they can use small fitness equipment to create a gym at home. The epidemic prevented many people's outdoor sports but made home fitness equipment such as yoga mats, elastic bands, rollers and so on popular. The following is an inventory of four popular fitness equipment sold worldwide. Wholesalers and retailers, please continue reading, new business opportunities may be here.

1.  Yoga mats

Yoga mats can do more than just yoga. If you want to do push-ups, flat supports, sit-ups, etc, but don't want to take off your shoes to the bed or sofa, you can use yoga mats to overcome that. You can practice yoga or do some stretching exercises. It is also easy to store.

2. Rope skipping

The fitness effect is obvious, but the only shortcoming is that if you live on a high floor, you can easily make too much noise due to continuous jumping. If it is matched with the first recommended yoga mat to jump, it Should be much better.

3. Wheel

It is easy to store and used with yoga mats, you will feel a "belly tear" for each group, please keep exercising. The fitness effect is very good.

4. Elastic band / Annular resistance band

There are many ways to practice the elastic band. The elastic band is easy to store at home. An annular resistance band can also help your exercise lower body. You can do some simple exercises, for example, raise your legs to exercise your hips, calf muscle, etc.

Dear wholesalers and retailers, after reading the above four hot style fitness equipment, you may want to know where to wholesale. Ok, I will meet your request, you can open FashionTIY and you will find a new world, there are many fitness equipments to choose from.

Yes, l know, due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, many traditional suppliers have stopped, at this special time, the FashionTIY platform is currently running smoothly and efficiently. So you don't need to worry about purchasing and logistics. Still the same as before, FashionTIY supports mixed orders for multiple products. The more you wholesale, the lower the price and the higher your profit. In addition, as we all know, quality is also absolutely guaranteed.

As for logistics, all products are shipped via DHL/UPS and Sea Cargo, and all are delivered normally, ensuring a sufficient supply for your business.

The COVID-19 is a double-edged sword. There are sufferings, but there are more opportunities. As a wholesaler, we must firmly seize market opportunities, keep up with market development trends. I hope these 4 popular fitness equipment and wholesale platform FashionTIY mentioned in this article can be helpful to your business.

Personal Protective Equipment and Logistics That Wholesalers & Retailers Care About Most During the Epidemic

Coronavirus now sweeping the globe, many people are forced to stay home and not be able to go out. This Cornnavirus is both an opportunity and a challenge. How should wholesalers respond to this situation? Our platform also adjusted urgently needed products according to the development of epidemics and people's current needs!

Personal protective equipment

Masks, goggles, sanitizer, wipes, handheld thermometers and paper towels are currently the best-selling and rare items. But don't worry, you can wholesale all protective equipment at FashionTIY. All products of FashionTIY are wholesale in China. Now the epidemic situation in China has been greatly relieved, and various protective supplies are also more abundant, which can fully meet your order quantity requirements. FashionTIY supports mixed ordering of multiple products, saving you cost and time. That meaning you can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under the equal quality. In addition, scientific research has proven that the package is virus-free. All packages are subject to strict inspections by Chinese customs to ensure security.

In fact, the virus disappears quickly after leaving the body and cannot survive on the package. Please do not worry.

Will logistics be restricted

Bored at home, believe many people will doing something that they like. Enjoy watching wonderful movies looks good. During this period, the demand for purchasing projectors has increased significantly. However, many wholesalers may worry that the blockade is now in place in many countries. Will logistics be restricted? At FashionTIY Wholesale Platform, you don't need to worry about logistics at all. FashionTIY supports Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping services. Standard Shipping helps you save shipping costs. Priority Shipping helps you save time. Wholesalers can choose different logistics methods according to their business.

Fun Entertainment Games at Home

During this special period, people from all over the world fought against the Coronavirus in their homes, but staying at home for a long time was very boring. So some people with big brains began to ponder some strange pastimes. Come and see how they all do it!

1. Challenge the hand-washing ball

The Arsenal player Zaka, who is now at home, has accepted an interesting challenge on the Internet-the the hand-washing ball challenge. Zaka squeezed a disposable sanitizing solution, then rubbed the ball while rubbing her hands. The whole process continued about 15 seconds.

So, more and more people are starting to imitate this. For the wholesaler and retailer, hurry up and wholesale some balls, like badminton, football, ping pong, this is definitely a good opportunity to make money.

2. DIY: Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

Wholesale Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

Boys like ball games, but girls maybe don't like it. Grils usually like quiet things, the Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch looks good. Definitely for people who like DIY. Therefore, hurry up and wholesale Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch, will definitely sell very well.

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Where to Find Wholesalers, Clothing & Jewelry Suppliers for Your Boutiques

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We wanted to make this video first with respect to our customers as they work very hard to operate Boutique Businesses. Secondly, we wanted to give potential owners and customers a preview of pricing. As well as a popular wholesaler.
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FashionTIY is your Super Supplier with a multi-category factory direct sale platform that specializes in supplying products for small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers all over the world. We cooperate with thousands of factories and own the circulating wholesale inventory of over 200,000+ styles online to meet your business demands!

You can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under equal quality.

Flexible Quantity & Price intervals, One-order mixed batch, and One-time shipping cost not only lower your inventory pressure but also benefit your capital overturn.

FashionTIY is establishing and improving the membership system which aims to make our clients get more profits and build a win-win cooperation relationship.

Currently, we serve for 100,000+ online and offline small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

If you cannot find the products you want here, please click contact us and share your ideas with us. Once you place the order, we'll attach an extra surprise in your parcel as a reward.

Top 5 reasons shop with us:

  1. Factory direct sale. Lower price for the equal quality. Save your 30-50% cost.
  2. One-order mixed batch. No MOQ limit and Only One-Time shipping cost.
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  4. All the orders' tracking status is available.
  5. Flexible logistics methods for your selection, Standard Shipping help you save shipping cost. Priority Shipping helps you save time.

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Why E-commerce Titans Cannot Solve Such Issues for Jewelry Purchasers?

Jewelry and accessories are indispensable in people’s daily life. With the characteristics of entering the market earlier, larger scale and richer products, the cross-border e-commerce titans including eBay and Alibaba have been usual suppliers of small and medium-sized purchasers. Undoubtedly, they have played an important role in helping the purchasers lower purchase cost and increase sales.
However, nowadays more and more purchasers find that their profits have been going downward gradually; at the same time, fewer and fewer promotion effects did e-commerce have on their business. Why?
Based in the State of Delaware, FashionTIY, Inc is committed to creating a professional platform for jewelry and accessories. After visiting more than 130 entrepreneurs engaging in running entities and online stores that always run jewelry and accessories including fashion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, sunglasses, key chains, scarves, belts, and others, it’s known that they changed their purchase channels from e-commerce titans to FashionTIY since they have got more surprises about products and services provided by FashionTIY.
Castro, the owner of an entity and online store in the State of New York, said that she mainly engaged in the operation of fashion accessories, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets, especially jewelry sets. Price is always a matter of great concern to her. Compared to that of 3 years ago, the advantage in price has been weaker and weaker, and even not lower than those purchased through offline channels in earlier years, which made her have to find a new supply channel.
Anna, an interviewee from the State of California said that she always needed a large quantity of products including fashion accessories and apparel, about 300+ styles per month. When purchasing from those e-commerce titans, she had to communicate with and confirm to each merchant because the products she needed were often from several stores, even different platforms, which was a waste of time.
Scott, another store owner running scarves, hats, belts, ties and other accessories and apparels from the State of Texas said that he was always troubled by the logistics. He needed to select styles from different stores, even different platforms; however, it was hard to make their logistics unified. He might receive all the products within one order in several parcels by spells, which took a long time and gave him a headache, because he must check details of the products received and be received within such a long period.
Currently, having established cooperation with FashionTIY, they are all excited at and satisfied with the partnership since the FashionTIY helped them realize one-stop and one-order purchase, what’s more, they are also supplied with uniform shipping, logistics and after-sales services.
As a mobile application, FashionTIY made the purchase not boring anymore, exactly a funny activity took anywhere and anytime. The purchasers have enough time and space to select their products because everything has become more convenient and simple, from selecting products, adding products to cart to placing order. In case that an order is placed, all the products will be delivered in one parcel with your invoice attached, hence, details of each product can be checked easily. Lower price brings you more profits, easier product selection brings you more choices and faster shipping brings you higher efficiency, all of which are proof of FashionTIY’s professional advantages.

Jewelry and accessories purchasers, just open the FashionTIY app or website for more information. All of the dealers should notice that the earlier you choose a better supplier, the more profits you will get.