FashionTIY, Inc E-retails Its Exclusive Deals In Fashion Jewelry And Accessories To Worldwide Clients

The United States, 7th August 2017: FashionTIY, Inc is headquartered in Delaware of the United States. The main goal of FashionTIY, Inc is to revolutionize the way people look at fashion jewelry. They cater to the lifestyle of the fashion forward section of the society with well crafted, quality assured and timeless yet modern designer accessories and jewelry. They also cater to their loyal and faithful clients both in the US and abroad with jewelry wholesale services that made them the go to option for many small and medium scale businessmen and vendors. On top of that, the company is known for their huge collection of designs for their fashion accessories and jewelry that easily surpasses 4000 designs and is still expanding. FashionTIY, Inc not only deals between the craftsmen and the consumer, they are also in the business of manufacturing their own line of fashion accessories and jewelry. They formed their own in-house designing team that consists of members coming from different pa…

Global E-commerce: Will You Refuse Extra 10% Profits?

The rise of the cross-border E-commerce makes the procurement easier and more convenient since Internet procurement is unlimited to order quantity and has more advantages in price which is much more competitive than traditional wholesale. Meanwhile, shipping duration of the cross-border procurement has been shortened to a large extent. For example, in case of shipping goods purchased online from China to the United States, the shipping duration by ePacket has been shortened to about 10 days at fastest. The cross-border E-commerce has become more and more important for medium and small-sized merchants from all over the world. As is well known, the E-commerce has great advantages in rich products and competitive price. However, as a purchaser, have you really been benefited from such advantages? In a word, cooperating with a purchase platform which provides products of higher quality at more competitive price is always the most important to purchasers. Let’s talk about commissions char…

Sells A Vast Collection Of Quality Fashion Accessories And Jewelry At Wholesale Cost

The United States, 8 August 2017: Fashion jewelry and accessories have been gaining a steady foothold in the hearts of the fashion forward population in the recent years. In the early 90’s, people were not much into fashion accessories as they were not much to look at and not in trend, to be frank. By the turn of the millennium, the fashion industry saw a boost in new ideas and the overall approach to lifestyle choices due to the rise of new designs in the clothing sector that was coming from the minds of fresh, young minds.
Redefining this particular trend and tapping into the market that consists of the fashion forward and trendy individuals, FashionTIY, Inc set up shop on the internet and formulated a business plan that prioritizes fashion in every possible way. They wanted to change the way people saw fashion accessories and also made efforts towards making them more affordable to own. FashionTIY, Inc is based in the state of Delaware, United States and has been in the jewelry reta…

Why Does This App Get Favor of Most Jewelry Retailers?

I believe most fashion icons are interested in all kinds of fashion news, fashion magazines, fashion stores, fashion shopping platforms and fashion shopping sites. As a fashion lover, it's really a pity if you know nothing about FashionTIY -an E-commerce platform for fashion shopping. In a word, FashionTIY will lead you to the magic ornament world where you can try on the accessories uniquely remaining within doors and own them at the best cost performance.

As an E-commerce platform focusing on supplying professional fashion jewelry and accessories, FashionTIY cuts off all intermediate links from manufacturers to terminal sales, and devotes to providing small and medium-sized accessories dealers and fashionables with rich, complete, high-quality and low-cost one-stop services relying on new hot styles, factory price and fast shipping.

Having signed contracts with more than 1,200 factories from China, India, Thailand and Philippines, we realized direct transaction among factories, te…

Why 30,000+ Retailers Purchase From FashionTIY?

In the United States and Europe, many terminal retailers and consumers may be unclear that most products purchased are made in China, and it is inconceivable that there is a world of difference between transaction price and factory price of such products.

China is undoubtedly one of the world's largest trade exporters, and especially in accessories industry, ranks first in the world. Relying on the advantages of more centralized factories, quicker market response, lower supply price and smoother logistics channels, China's products have accounted for more than 60% of European and American market shares.

Facts speak louder than words. One of our colleagues from Mississippi has experienced the unfair price. I was impressed because she was so attractive wearing the pretty turquoise necklace set the first day when she came to our company. During chatting time, we knew that she bought the set with $54 at a local jewelry store. In fact, the product was made in Zhejiang, China and it w…