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Should be afraid to buy online

Have a great online/mobile shopping experience with the help of FashionTIY!
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Remember getting into your car, driving all the way to the mall, spending hours power shopping for the perfect date night dress...and then going home empty handed and disillusioned with life? Yep, we've all been there. Thankfully, for thousands all over the world, that depressing memory is becoming just that: a memory. People everywhere are foregoing unwanted mall trips in favor of staying home and comfortably shopping online. It's revolutionary. We can now find virtually anything our hearts desire with a few mouse clicks and a good WiFi connection.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.  Having virtually everything at your fingertips can be a blessing if you act wisely and a curse if you behave recklessly.  A simple search on any search engine can lead you down a dizzying rabbit hole of online stores, blog pages, eCom…

Trends We Love: Crochet and Statement Necklaces!

Try one of the hottest fashion trends this summer with the help of FashionTIY!
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There's just something so magical about summertime.  It's like for most of the year people are hidden away in this self-imposed gloomy, damp cave.  Then---BOOM---it's summertime and everyone is ready to bust out of the cave and embrace all the goodness summer has to offer with unabashed fervor!  The excitement is contagious.  Everyone is so bold and adventurous and ready to make the most of their summer.  Here at FashionTIY, we love how this boldness translates into fashion.  One of our favorite summer trends for Summer '16 is the Bohemian trend; especially the mixing of crocheted clothing and bold, statement jewelry.      

We love this look because of its simplicity and boldness.  Not to mention, it's actually cool enough to wear during the summer.  We feel like fashion blogs often forget about practicality and, ya know, bas…

How to Use Fashiontiy App

Community Q&A Love trendy or classic jewelry and accessories? Want to find accessories to accentuate or match an outfit you already own? Wish you could do all of this from the comfort of your own home? Good news, the FashionTIY app is the app for you! Read below for detailed instructions on how to use it and make the most of the app. EditSteps 1 Go to the Itunes app store, search for FashionTIY, and download it for free. 2 Once FashionTIY has been successfully downloaded and the icon appears on your screen, click the icon to begin. 3 Follow the tutorial to learn more about the different functions of the app. 4 Create an account by clicking the "account" tab. Simply add a working email and your desired password. Making an account allows you to easily save your favorite "model" shots of yourself, save your favorite accessories, easily order, and track your orders.

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