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Give summer heat the cold shoulder

Find out how to rock and style one of the summer's most flattering styles with the help of FashionTIY!
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In recent years, women have started to realize that "one size fits all" is pretty much the biggest lie since "I'm on my way!" Few trends and clothing styles can be deemed universally flattering.  With a multitude of body shapes and sizes, finding a style most, or all, women feel they can rock is a Herculean feat.  Cue the off-the-shoulder trend!  This trend has become hotter than a Mississippi summer!  Sarah Halzack states it best in her article for the Washington Post, "any place that is teeming with style-conscious women these days is also teeming with off-the-shoulder."  With the popularity and wearability of this style, we don't blame it if you want to give it shot.  In fact, we'll help you be heads...and shoulders...above the rest!
Off-the-shoulder Top
Photo and model courtesy of The Darling…

Don't Be Clueless About Chokers

Pull off one of the hottest 90s trends this season with the help of FashionTIY! Don't have the FashionTIY app?  Check it out here!

They're back! As Cher would say, "Ugh, as if," they were ever going to stay away for good. There's just something about chokers that makes us feel a little nostalgic and like re-watching Clueless. But, it's not the 90s anymore so we have to make this trend, well, trendy again! Below are just a couple of trendy chokers that will allow you to relive your 90s #stylegoals without having to go back in time!

Chic Choker: add a little sparkle (and breath ability) to the classic choker necklace without compromising the OG choker lines and overall style. This choker effortlessly dresses up a simple tee and boyfriend jeans.

Edgy Choker: show off your more daring side with an edgier choker. A choker with a combination of spikes and ribbon can show a little bit of your more rebellious side. So perfect with a strappy black dress or bodys…

FashionTIY: A Portable Fitting Room in the Palm of your Hand

Find out more about the app revolutionizing the way women shop for accessories!
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All photos courtesy of FashionTIY
Mobile, accessory shopping is getting a much needed makeover with a new, innovative app. FashionTIY, a recently launched mobile platform, is seeking to create a more seamless shopping experience for its users. Offering hundreds of trendy accessories, FashionTIY allows shoppers to “try” accessories on themselves by using a virtual, in-app, try-on feature. From scarfs to bracelets, the mobile shop includes a variety of brand new, affordable accessories that can be “tried” on by simply taking a picture and adjusting the accessory on the neck or wrist. Users have the option to shop by category and promotion; users also have the option to purchase and track orders in-app with a few, simple clicks.

“My wife was sick and tired of being disappointed by the jewelry she ordered online,” said FashionTIY founder Tony Liu in a…