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Choker-Lovers and Buyers’ Guide

Which jewelry is leading the latest fashion trends? There is no doubt that the answer is choker. Almost all the fashionables including super models, fashion icons and stars wear choker. However, do you really know which style suits you best and how to match your clothes better? As is well-known, unsuitable style will make the ornament worse. You might as well spend several minutes on the guidance. It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing your own accessories. There are plenty of out there, but few really suit you. Which styles should you choose? What May Suit One Person Might Not Suit Another Person In general, ovate-orbicular-face lady will not be limited by any style. If you are lucky enough, just feel easy to choose any choker you like. As for round-face lady, chokers elongating face shape may be better, namely long or T-shaped choker. Keep away from wide or short choker. Besides, exaggerated gemstone or pearl jewelry necklace should not be your style. Oval-face lad…