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where did the colors of Christmas all come from?

There are very few color associations as ubiquitous as red and green are with Christmas and the entire season it encompasses. Perhaps before we have even developed object permanence, that connotation has forged its way into our subconscious. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration, but it bears the question- where did it all come from? It is speculated that the origins of our beloved Christmas colors come from two very different places: nature and America’s (favorite?) cola brand. In a report from Business Insider, Arielle Eckstut, the co-author of “The Secret Language of Color,” provides some unique insight. She states, “What’s most interesting about the red and green color combination of Christmas is that it’s a combination of the beauty of nature and the crassness of commerce that come together to solidify the image of these two colors in our collective mind.” Nature When thinking of Christmas and December in a cold-weather climate that experiences true seasons, what colors come to mind…

We joined the official members of Toptenwholesale

We joined the official members of, hoping to establish cooperation with more buyers.
Toptenwholesale's shareholders made us a recommendation.

B2B Update | might have just set the new standard for websites and apps for eCommerce B2B companies... Welcomes FashionTIY, Inc is a vendor of 10,000+ Wholesale Jewelry and Fashion Accessory Items. B2B sites need to have a shift to a B2C Shopping Experience. Although they can cater to buyers if any size, FashionTIY makes as great partner for small to medium sized business owners or Poshmark, eBay

FashionTIY Introduces New Range Of Fashionable Jewellery & Accessories To Meet The Requirements Of People of Different Ages

Fashionable accessories have been in trend for quite some time now. Buying through online stores has become a habit and it makes the job easier for most of us. In order to buy quality products that provide the value for money, it is important to stay in touch with reliable sellers. Online stores also help in staying connected with the designs that are trending. One of the companies that have been selling stylish scarves and jewelries is FashionTIY, Inc.
It requires proper research in order to buy the correct design that goes well with the personality of the wearer. Jewelries are a women’s best friend and they buy stylish jewelry on a regular basis. Fashion jewellery available on the online store serves the requirements of people of different ages. At FashionTIY, the products are available at factory pricing in order to make the products available at budget rates. Buyers can buy the products in bulk and make comparison among the wide range of products available on the website. It is im…