Why E-commerce Titans Cannot Solve Such Issues for Jewelry Purchasers?

Jewelry and accessories are indispensable in people’s daily life. With the characteristics of entering the market earlier, larger scale and richer products, the cross-border e-commerce titans including eBay and Alibaba have been usual suppliers of small and medium-sized purchasers. Undoubtedly, they have played an important role in helping the purchasers lower purchase cost and increase sales.
However, nowadays more and more purchasers find that their profits have been going downward gradually; at the same time, fewer and fewer promotion effects did e-commerce have on their business. Why?
Based in the State of Delaware, FashionTIY, Inc is committed to creating a professional platform for jewelry and accessories. After visiting more than 130 entrepreneurs engaging in running entities and online stores that always run jewelry and accessories including fashion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, sunglasses, key chains, scarves, belts, and others, it’s known that they changed their purchase channels from e-commerce titans to FashionTIY since they have got more surprises about products and services provided by FashionTIY.
Castro, the owner of an entity and online store in the State of New York, said that she mainly engaged in the operation of fashion accessories, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets, especially jewelry sets. Price is always a matter of great concern to her. Compared to that of 3 years ago, the advantage in price has been weaker and weaker, and even not lower than those purchased through offline channels in earlier years, which made her have to find a new supply channel.
Anna, an interviewee from the State of California said that she always needed a large quantity of products including fashion accessories and apparel, about 300+ styles per month. When purchasing from those e-commerce titans, she had to communicate with and confirm to each merchant because the products she needed were often from several stores, even different platforms, which was a waste of time.
Scott, another store owner running scarves, hats, belts, ties and other accessories and apparels from the State of Texas said that he was always troubled by the logistics. He needed to select styles from different stores, even different platforms; however, it was hard to make their logistics unified. He might receive all the products within one order in several parcels by spells, which took a long time and gave him a headache, because he must check details of the products received and be received within such a long period.
Currently, having established cooperation with FashionTIY, they are all excited at and satisfied with the partnership since the FashionTIY helped them realize one-stop and one-order purchase, what’s more, they are also supplied with uniform shipping, logistics and after-sales services.
As a mobile application, FashionTIY made the purchase not boring anymore, exactly a funny activity took anywhere and anytime. The purchasers have enough time and space to select their products because everything has become more convenient and simple, from selecting products, adding products to cart to placing order. In case that an order is placed, all the products will be delivered in one parcel with your invoice attached, hence, details of each product can be checked easily. Lower price brings you more profits, easier product selection brings you more choices and faster shipping brings you higher efficiency, all of which are proof of FashionTIY’s professional advantages.

Jewelry and accessories purchasers, just open the FashionTIY app or website for more information. All of the dealers should notice that the earlier you choose a better supplier, the more profits you will get.