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How to Make Your Home Isolation More Fun

With the spread of COVID-19, many products have become very popular, such as masks, disinfection water, and goggles in the pharmaceutical industry. There is also a growth in the entertainment game consumer industry derived from the "home economy". Among them, products that can improve home happiness and satisfy people's entertainment and office are attracting attention from consumers or forming a new consumption trend.

Next, let's follow FashionTIY and take stock of which products can make your home isolation more interesting.

1. Living room entertainment products
There is no doubt that the projector has become the first place in the living room entertainment products on FashionTIY. Maybe it 's because TV can't meet the needs of a family already, after all, different age groups want to see different film and television content.

2. Office electronics products
This is not difficult to understand. Although people are isolated at home, they still need to work properly. As a result, orders for mobile phone adapters, computer cables &connectors, mouse & keyboards, and other office electronics have rapidity increase on the FashionTIY platform.

3. Small fitness equipment products
On platforms like Google and Quora, the searches about small home fitness equipment are very hot. On FashionTIY, dumbbells, skipping ropes, stretch bands, yoga balls, and other small fitness equipment have even become the most purchased products by wholesalers and retailers.

Although a sudden COVID-19 broke people's normal life, there was no lively past, replaced by the blockade of various countries, a bit deserted. But we also see opportunities in crisis. The growth of remote offices, online education, and online shopping confirm changes in people's needs. What the people need, what the market needs, what the company produces, what the retailer sells. Really paying attention to the development and changes of the market and people's consumer needs can retailers develop in a crisis.

During this special period, FashionTIY also adjusted according to market developments and changes. FashionTIY added masks and other protective equipment, as well as projectors, office equipment, and other daily necessities. In view of the current global logistics situation, all FashionTIY products use DHL, UPS, Sea Cargo logistics methods to ensure that wholesalers and retailers can receive goods safely and effectively.

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