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Opportunities and Challenges for Retailers Under the COVID-19

With the full outbreak of COVID-19, more and more countries began to implement a comprehensive blockade policy. Many cities have begun to implement "Home Isolation Orders". Almost all brick-and-mortar retail industries have suffered. But under the crisis, unexpected and successful innovation models have emerged. Let's follow FashionTIY and analyze what are the opportunities for many small retailers under the influence of COVID-19?

1. Strengthen online and offline integration

Under the haze of COVID-19, to avoid going out to contact with others, most people choose to shop online, reducing the chance of going out, and the proportion of online shopping has increased significantly. In this context, doing a good job of online customer maintenance and making up for offline sales losses may become the core competitiveness of major retail stores in the first half of 2020.

At the same time, for clothing, shoes and bags and other retail areas that focus on experience, customers not only buy the product itself, but also an "experience" in the store. Offline experience, online transactions may become the consumer trend in 2020, and the integrated layout of online and offline will be the best way for retailers to make breakthroughs.

2. Improve the product supply chain

Challenges such as factory shortages, logistics disruption, and tight store inventory have provided retailers with an opportunity to discover shortcomings in the supply chain. During this special period, FashionTIY adjusted logistics methods, all of FashionTIY's products are delivered using DHL, UPS, and Sea Cargo logistics to ensure that our customers can receive the products safely and effectively. After the COVID-19 is over, retailers should carry out diagnostic reviews and corresponding supplements to the supply chain, improve the capacity and flexibility of the supply chain system, and prepare for long-term development. FashionTIY supports both standard logistics and priority logistics to improve the supply of your products chain.

3. Improve product quality and service system

Retailers should improve their product quality and service systems, and prepare for a full comeback. All FashionTIY products have passed the three stages of product quality inspection, primary quality inspection, and packaging quality inspection, and then delivered to the logistics company. Also, FashionTIY provides long-term after-sales service for up to 30 days, and all products damaged for non-human reasons will be reissued for free. FashionTIY provides good products and services to retailers, so retailers can provide good products and services to customers. To achieve a win-win result.

It is hoped that retailers will be fully prepared for COVID-19, respond to potential challenges, and seize growth opportunities to achieve future sustainable development. FashionTIY will always be the most loyal partner for retailers.

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