Wholesalers care about three questions about FashionTIY

What is a good wholesale platform for most wholesalers and retailers? Whether the products sold on the website are what I need and whether the wholesale price is discounted. Is logistics convenient? Ok, today, I will answer the three questions about FashionTIY that wholesalers are more care about.

1. Product category

FashionTIY main wholesale business is Apparel, Mom&Kids, Bag&Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Wedding & Party, Beauty, Home & Garden, School & Office supplies, etc. FashionTIY cooperates with thousands of factories and owns the circulating wholesale inventory of over 200,000+ styles online. Our product range is very rich and can meet your business needs.

2. Wholesale prices

As a wholesaler and retailer, you will definitely care about wholesale prices. Of course, because this is related to your profit. For the same quality products, our price will save you 40% on average. Please note that it is of equal quality, can help you save 40%. Seeing this, I guess you must be very excited. There is another big surprise, Our price range is very flexible. There is no MOQ. The more you purchase, the lower your wholesale price will be. In other words, you can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under equal quality.

3. Logistics

FashionTIY supports both standard shipping and priority shipping. Standard shipping can help you save shipping costs and maximize your profits. Priority shipping can save shipping time and allow you to receive goods faster. Therefore, you can choose the logistics method that suits you according to your business needs.

The above is a brief introduction to the product category,  wholesale prices, and logistics. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by Live Chat or email.

About FashionTIY: www.fashiontiy.com